Honduras: Detention of a member of the military could be a first step towards justice for the death of young man


Following the arrest of a member of the military on suspicion of criminal responsibility for the death of 17-year-old Eblin Noel Corea Maradiaga – killed on 20 June during a wave of repression of protests against educational and health sector reforms in Honduras – Adeline Neau, Central America researcher at Amnesty International, said:

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office has identified a member of the army who used lethal force against protesters. If his responsibility for the death is confirmed in a fair trial, this could be a first step towards justice for Eblin's family. However, the authorities must determine the responsibility of the commanders who led the operation that resulted in the death of this young man and investigate all other cases of repression at the hands of the Honduran security forces.”

Today marks three months since the death of Eblin, who was killed by a shot to the chest as he sought refuge in an alley after the deployment of military forces to disperse the protest. He died in the arms of his father, who, along with the rest of his family, has fought tirelessly for those responsible to be brought to justice.

At least five people were killed and 80 more injured during the wave of repression between April and June, which saw the use of firearms as well as other less lethal weapons, such as tear gas and rubber bullets.

Amnesty International calls on all units of the Public Prosecutor's Office to continue investigating human rights violations arising from the possible excessive use of force in the context of protests. This requires the cooperation of all state agencies, including the armed forces.

“To avoid more deaths like Eblin's, President Hernández must end the repression against those who protest in a free and peaceful manner. No one should lose their life at the hands of the army for protesting against what they consider unfair,” said Adeline Neau.