Kuban resident complains of poor health after torture

Valery Malakhov, a resident of the Krasnodar Territory, whom law enforcers beat and poured with boiling water, complained about the consequences of the torture.

The "Caucasian Knot " has reported that in June, spouses Olga Shvetsova and Valery Malakhov complained to human rights defenders that they had been tortured in a building of the law enforcement body in the Gulkevichi District and law enforcers demanded from them to confess to the murder of their elderly neighbour.

On August 9, in its material "Russian Yoga School: how law enforcers torture people in Russia", the "Meduza" reported a story of Valery Malakhov about how he had been tortured by law enforcers.

"At first I was sitting on a chair. They used their arms and legs to beat me to my head and to my sides. Then they put me on the floor on my belly and handcuffed me behind my back. One man wrung my hands behind my back right up to my head. My bones were cracking," Valery Malakhov told the "Meduza".

According to him, his spouse was kept in the next office. "I was screaming from pain, and they opened the door so that my wife would hear my screams. Then they tortured her and opened the door in that office. They told me: 'If you plead guilty, she will stop screaming. If you don't, then it will be worse, she will scream even more.' I replied that I would not take the blame upon myself," said the resident of Kuban.

Valery Malakhov complained that after he had been tortured with boiling water, "something happened to his eyes." "My eyes turned red, as if sand had been poured into them. I've got permanent feeling of 'sandpaper' in my eyes," the man complained.