1. Confirmation that General Adan Abdullahi Nur, an Ogadeni, was the Minister of Defence (1987-1988 and was detained by Siyaad Barre's government in 1989.2. Does an ethnic Somali born in Ethiopia hold Ethiopian citizenship? [SOM2732]

1. On 4 June 1984, the BBC Summary of World Broadcasts reported on the Cabinet reshuffle within the Somali Government. Adan Abdullahi Nur was named Deputy Minister of Defence on 31 May 1984. [
Keesing's Record of World Events, vol. XXXIII, (London: Longman Publishing Group), April 1987, p.35042.] It was not until the Cabinet reshuffle of 22 December 1987 that Maj.-Gen. Adan Abdullahi Nur, was appointed to the post of Minister of Defence. [Keesing's Record of World Events, vol.XXXIV (London: Longman Publishing Group), July 1988, p. 36004.; BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, 24 December 1987.] Several sources use the Defence Minister's nick name, Adan Gabiyow, meaning poet. [BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, 8 February 1988.] Mogadishu radio reported on 1 February 1989, the a government reshuffle that resulted in Adan Abdullahi Nur being moved from the Ministry of Defence to become the Minister of Information and Tourism. [ BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, 1 February 1989.]

The President of Somalia announced further changes to his government (on 21 April 1989) with the appointment of Adan Abdullahi Nur (formerly the Minister of Information and Tourism) as the Minister in the President's Office responsible for Social Affairs. [BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, 24 April 1989.] However, on 24 July 1989 a statement issued by the President's Office reported that Adan Abdullahi Nur had "been relieved" of his post as Minister in the Office of the President. The reason disclosed in the official statement was that both Adan Abdullahi Nur and Muhammad Abdullah Bacadleh, also a Minister in the President's Office, had "been accused of acts which threatened the sovereignty, unity, security and cohesion of...the Somali people". In addition they had been relieved of their duties as members of the People's Assembly and Adan Abdullahi Nur had been sacked from the Party Central Committee and had his rank as a major-general in the armed forces taken away. [BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, 26 July 1989.]

The Africa Confidential, reports that Adan Abdullahi Nur, an Ogadeni, was arrested in July 1989. As a result, Ogadeni soldiers in Kismayo, who had mutinied in protest against the demotion of the Minister of Defence, had now formed the Somali Patriotic Movement under the leadership of Col. Bashir Ali Bililqo, Adan Gabiyow's son-in-law. The government has rejected Ogadeni demands, including the release of Adan Abdullahi Nur. [ "Somalia: The End In Sight For Siad", Africa Confidential, (London: Miramoor Publications Ltd., 8 September 1989), pp.4-5.]

2. Ethiopia is a multi-national state with over 70 ethnic groups, which are distinguished by separate origins, physical appearance, culture, religions and languages. One of these ethnic groups is the Somali, who constitute about six percent of Ethiopia's total population, and generally live in the Ogaden region in southeastern part of the country. [ George Thomas Kurian, Encyclopedia of the Third World (New York: Facts on File Publications, 1987), p. 666.] Under the terms of the Ethiopian Constitution of February 1987, "any person with both or one parent of Ethiopian citizenship is an Ethiopian". [ Albert P. Blaustein and Gisbert H. Flanz, eds., Constitutions of the Countries of the World: The People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Dobbs Ferry, New York: Oceana Publications, Inc., 1988), Part 2, Chapter 6, Article 31.]

On the other hand, all ethnic Somalis living in Ethiopia, Djibouti or Kenya are considered, according to the Somali government's irredentist claims, as de facto Somali citizens. Under the provisions of the Somali Citizenship Law (Law No. 28 of 22 December 1962), Somali citizenship may be acquired by operation of law or by grant. [ Somali Citizenship Law (Law No. 28 of 22 December 1962), Articles 1-4.] Somali citizenship by operation of law may be acquired by any person who is residing beyond the boundaries of the Somali Republic but belonging by origin, language, or tradition to the Somali nation, and declares to renounce any status as citizen or subject of a foreign country.

The general conditions for acquiring Somali citizenship by grant are establishing residence in the territory of the Somali Republic for a period of seven years, good civil and moral conduct, and a declaration that the person concerned is willing to renounce any status as citizen or subject of a foreign country.

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