Status of Article 92 of Criminal Code; prosecutions for advocating separation of Czech and Slovak states. [CSK10157]

The IRBDC has no currently available information on Article 92 of the Criminal code nor is there any information on prosecutions for advocating separation of the Czech and Slovak states in any of the sources regularly consulted. It would appear from the attached research report on Czechoslovakia for the year 1991 that advocating separation does not make one liable to prosecution as Jan Carnogursky, the Prime Minister of Slovakia "continued to campaign for a loose federation; but he repeatedly stressed that his ultimate goal was a fully independent Slovakia by or around 2000" (RFE, 3 Jan. 1992, 84-85).


RFE/RL Research Report. 3 January 1992. Jiri Pehe. "Czech-Slovak Conflict Threatens State Unity". Vol. 1. No. 1.