1) Battle between Hezbollah and Amal in Jnah neighbourhood of West Beirut-June 1989); 2) Hezbollah control of Biqa Valley or part of it. [LBN2186]


News clippings available at the IRB Documentation Centre for the period of June 1989 headline the larger clashes between Syrian and Christian troops, beginning in March 1989 and ending a few days ago with a ceasefire. No specific information regarding the control of the Jnah sector of Beirut by Hezbollah is available. We have included photocopied material which indicates that the sector named "Shiah" "Shiya", or "Chiah", seems to be under the control of the Shiite factions, as well as sectors near the airport (Ouzai) and Burj al-Barajneh. [Ihsan A. Hijazi, "Syrian troops appear poised to try to end fighting in South Beirut", The New York Times, (15 May 1988); see also map taken from Lebanon: A Conflict of Minorities, (London, U.K.: Minorities Rights Group, 1986), p. 4; see also map taken from Keesing's Record of World Events (March 1983), p. 32040.]


A Financial Times map dated September 1989 shows the Bekaa Valley under Syrian control. [Andrew Gowers, "Tragedy of Middle East's proxy battlefield", The Financial Times (London), 18 September 1989.] A 1986 map taken from Lebanon: A Conflict of Minorities, shows Hezbollah in control of the city of Baalbek and sharing control of the Bekaa Valley with Syrian troops, the SSNP, Communists, Amal and the Phalange. We have included excerpts from the same source which highlight the conflicts in which Hezbollah has engaged, and which also mention its whereabouts in Lebanon (pp. 19-21). In addition, please refer to the excerpts taken from Khomeiny, la révolution trahie, pp. 231-232 and from Les cents portes du proche-orient, pp. 51-53, regarding the Lebanese Shiite community.