Information on the nationality of a child born in Ghana of a non-Ghanaian mother and a Ghanaian father [GHA10118]

Please find attached Response to Information Request GHA9468.

According to a representative at the Embassy of Ghana in Washington, D.C., the above-mentioned child would be considered a national of Ghana because he/she was born in Ghana (30 Jan. 1992). The representative added that Ghana recognizes multiple nationality for a child until the child reaches the age of eighteen, after this age the person is allowed to choose one nationality (Ibid.).

Additional information on this subject is currently unavailable to the IRBDC in Ottawa.


Embassy of Ghana, Washington. 30 January 1992. Telephone Interview with a Representative.

Immigration Refugee Board Documentation Centre, IRBDC, Ottawa. 30 January 1992. Response to Information Request GHA9468.