Information on whether people from the former Soviet Union who immigrate to Israel have access to centres that inform them about their future military service responsabilities [ISR14594]

According to a representative of the Soviet Jewry Zionist Forum in Jerusalem, booklets are distributed in major Russian cities and are available free of charge in Repatriation Centres (16 June 1993). The representative added that new immigrants are informed that two years after their arrival, they will have to perform military service (Ibid.).

According to a representative of the Consulate General of Israel in New York who is in charge of immigration from the former Soviet Union, materials specifically on military service in Israel are printed in Russian and distributed in Israeli Centres and Israel Cultural Centres (23 June 1993). These centres are located in various cities around the former Soviet Union (Ibid.). The representative added that Jewish Centres administered by the Jewish Agency provides similar information on military service (Ibid.).

Additional and/or corroborating information on this subject is currently unavailable to the DIRB in Ottawa.


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