Information on current treatment of Umma party members by government forces(Update to Response to Information Request SDN4506 of 27 February 1990) [SDN12127]

In addition to the information on political developments in Sudan already available at your Regional Documentation Centre, please find attached several documents that provide recent information on the situation of the political opposition in that country. Please note that some of the documents refer to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), of which the Umma party is a member, without specific references to the Umma party.

The attached documents mention the detention of some Umma party figures. For a general analysis of repression patterns and specific cases of opposition members, please refer to the Africa Confidential article "The Islamic Front in Power" (attached and listed below), and the attached copy of the Africa Watch report Sudan: The Ghosts Remain (April 1992) and Sudan: A Human Rights Disaster (March 1990).

One of the attachments, however, states that the Umma party draws its support from the Ansar Muslim group and is a conservative force that has cooperated with the ruling National Islamic Front (Middle East Report Sept.- Oct. 1991, 7).


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