Information on ration cards. [IND9113]

According to a spokesperson at the High Commission of India,
in Ottawa, any Indian citizen can apply, in person or in writing,
for a ration card at the Directorate of Food and Civil Supply.
Once the information provided by the applicant has been checked
by the Directorate, a card is issued by the affiliated store in
the residence area of the applicant. The card entitles the owner
to reduced, subsidized prices for foodstuffs such as rice, oil,
sugar, kerosene. However, all these can be purchased in other
stores at regular prices. Only one card is issued for each
household, and all family names appear on the card. The cards can
be used in the residence area only. They can be used for
identification at elections. The ration card is not mandatory for
a person who wishes to rent a place of residence in India. In
order to obtain a ration card outside the area of residence, one
has to cancel the original card by informing the Directorate and
apply for a new card (High Commission of India 6 Aug. 1991).
Further information on the ration cards is currently
unavailable to the IRBDC.

High Commission of India, Ottawa. 6 August 1991. Telephone Interview with a spokesperson.