Information on a Dec. 1985 - Feb. 1986 visit by J. M. Simon and the resulting report on Guatemalans in Nicaragua. [NIC7042]

In a telephone communication with the IRBDC on 11 January 1991, J. M. Simon stated that she did not research or publish a report on Guatemalan exiles and/or guerrillas in Nicaragua and added that, although she was in Guatemala during the above timeframe, she has never been in Nicaragua.

As per our previous discussion, please find copy of three pages from Central America Report: 2 November 1990, pp. 329-330, 9 November 1990, p. 339. The first two pages, particularly p. 329, deal with an assassination attempt against the director of the ACEN-SIAG news agency, who had returned to Guatemala from exile in 1986 and established the newspaper La Epoca. The newspaper went out of print after an attack in 1988. Page 339 contains a letter by the director of ACEN-SIAG, written after the assassination attempt.

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