Druze Shia and Mourabitoun in the Lebanese conflict. [LBN0924]

Keesing's Contemporary Archives Record of World Events from June 1985 reported fierce fighting on 16-7 April 1985 between Amal and Mourabitoun resulted in the collapse of the "national unity government" and by 7 May 1985 the Amal had advanced 100 yards across the "Green Line," [ Keesing's Contemporary Archives Record of World Events, Vol. XXXI, No. 6, 1985, (London: Longman Press, 1986), pp. 33688-9.] which divides East and West Beirut. The Mourabitoun, a group of Sunni Muslims, have been both allies and foes of the Amal and Druze. They were driven out of positions along the Green Line by Druze forces in March 1984, but fought along side the Amal and Druze to drive the Christian Phalangist out of Sidon in March 1985. [ Degenhardt, H., Revolutionary and Dissident Movements An International Guide, (London: Keesing's Reference Publications, Longman Press, 1988), p. 218.] The Amal fought the Mourabitoun in West Beirut in June 1986 and again in February 1987 when the Druze and Mourabitoun were allied against the Amal. [ Ibid., p. 218.]

The Palestinian refugee camps of Bourj al-Brajneh, Sabra and Chatila came under attack from Amal militia in May 1985 as the Amal endeavoured to halt the re-emergence of the PLO in the Camps. [ Ibid,. p. 215.] Sabra and Chatila came under siege by the Amal in 1986 and 1987, the latter involving clashes between a combined Mourabitoun and Druze force against the Amal militia. [Ibid,. p. 215. and Keesing's Contemporary Record of World Events, Vol. XXXII, No. 8, 1986, (London: Longman Pres, 1986),
p. 34587.]