1997 mayoral election in San Salvador, its date, the names of the candidates, and the winner [SLV32796.E]

A mayoral election was held in San Salvador on 16 March 1997 as part of country-wide municipal and congressional elections (CAR 20 Mar. 1997, 3). The winner was Hector Silva, an individual fielded by a left-leaning coalition of three parties, the Frente Farabundo Marti Para La Liberacion Nacional (FMLN), Convergencia Democratica (CD) and the Movimiento de Unidad (MU) (La Nacion 18 Mar. 1997; ibid. 16 Mar. 1997; CAR 20 Mar. 1997, 3).

The only other candidates mentioned were the incumbent Mario Valiente of the Alianza Republicana Nacionalista (ARENA) and Hermann Schalagetter of the Partido de Renovación Social Cristiano (PRSC) (La Nacion 16 Mar. 1997).

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