Radio Free Europe articles relating to minorities in the Republic of Belarus [BYS10122]

There are no articles currently available to the IRBDC from Radio Free Europe's Report on the USSR which are specific to ethnic minorities in the Republic of Belarus. However, please find attached a number of articles from this publication related to religious minorities in Belarus, and a general report on Belarus from the new Radio Free Europe publication, RFE/RL Research Report.


Radio Free Europe. 3 January 1992. Vol. 1, No. 1. RFE/RL Research Report. Mihalisko, Kathleen. "Belorussia: Setting Sail Without a Compass."

. 24 May 1991. Vol. 3, No. 21. Report on the USSR. Antic, Oxana. "New Structures for the Catholic Church in the USSR."

. 19 October 1990. Vol. 2, No. 43. Report on the USSR. Ambrose, Elizabeth. "The Re-Emergence of the Eastern-Rite Catholicism in Belorussia."

. 11 May 1990. Vol. 2, No. 19. Report on the USSR. Zawerucha, Ihor. "The Situation of Roman Catholics in Belorussia."

. 9 February 1990. Vol. 2, No. 6. Report on the USSR. Ambrose, Elizabeth. "Language and Church in Belorussia."