Information on the Tamil population of Colombo [LKA13511]

According to census figures from the Sri Lankan Department for Census and Statistics quoted in an information package on Sri Lanka which was published by the Schweizerische Zentralstelle für Flüchtlingshilfe (SHF) (Swiss Assistance to Refugees Central Office), there were 187,456 Tamils in Colombo in 1981 (Keller May 1990, 12). This figure includes the 165,952 Sri Lankan Tamils and 21,504 Indian (plantation) Tamils of Colombo (Ibid.). In 1981, the total population of Colombo was 1,698,322 (Ibid.).

No additional or/and corroborating information is currently available to the DIRB in Ottawa.


Keller, Walter. May 1990. Sri Lanka: Informationen für HilfswerksvertreterInnen im Asylverfarhen. Zurich: Schweizerische Zentralstelle für Flüchtlingshilfe (SHF).