Existence of an underground or non-recognized Mohajir Qaumi Movement from 1980 to 1986. [PAK6478]

During the 1970s, Mohajir students, among whom were Altaf Hussain, Imran Farooq and Farooq Sattar, founded the Mohajir Student Federation (MSF) to defend the interests of the Mohajirs against the rise of Sindhi nationalism (Malik, p.46). Hussain and his colleges also founded, in 1978, the All-Pakistan Mohajir Student Organization (APMSO) at the Karachi University (McDonald, p.14).

The Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) was officially created in March 1984 (Malik, p.46; Amin, p.280; Ahmed), although one source indicates that the movement started in 1986, the date from which the MQM's activities began to flourish (Degenhardt, p.265). The MQM stemmed from a group of Karachi University students and started to predominate on the political scene of urban Sindh after a large gathering on the Karachi campus in August 1986 (Lamb). MQM headquarters are located in a Mohajir district of Karachi and the movement is led since its creation by Altaf Hussain (Far East, p.850). The MQM's President is Azim Ahmad Tariq and its Secretary General Imran Farooq (Far East, p.850).


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