Status of a person born in Sierra Leone before 1949 and holding a British passport indicating "British Protected Person" status. [GBR7649]

The Consular Section of the British High Commission in Ottawa provided in a telephone communication with the IRBDC on 28 January 1991 the following information:

The status of British Protected Person is indicated in a British passport and is granted to persons who were born in British protectorates before their independence. This status does not give the person the right of abode in Great Britain. The person can visit Great Britain with a visa, and is subject to the Immigration Act and regulations of the country. A person who is a citizen of any country would not be given British Protected Person status. A person who has British Protected Person status and obtains citizenship in any country would lose the protected status.

The Embassy of Sierra Leone in the United States indicated in a telephone communication with the IRBDC on 28 January 1991 that a person with British Protected Status would require permission from the government of Sierra Leone to reside and work in Sierra Leone, since they are not considered a citizen of that country.

Further information on the requested subject could not be found among the sources currently available to the IRBDC.