Treatment of former high-level employees of the Duarte government by current administration and general relations between the two major parties (Christian Democrats and ARENA), 1989-1990 [SLV7542]

Specific reports on the requested subjects could not be found among the sources currently available to the IRBDC. According to an Americas Watch researcher covering El Salvador, the two main parties (Democracia Cristiana - DC and the Alianza Republicana Nacionalista - ARENA) have long been antagonists in the Salvadorean political scene, with "very little common ground". A researcher of El Rescate Human Rights Department (based in California) stated in a telephone communication with the IRBDC on 15 January 1991 that relations between the Christian Democrats and ARENA are not friendly. According to the source, Napole├│n Duarte often denounced ARENA and one of its leaders, Roberto D'Aubuisson. When ARENA took office, some development projects which were started or promoted by the Duarte administration were terminated. The source added that some high-level officials of the Duarte government were accused of corruption by the new ARENA administration, although it was widely commented that political motivations may have been behind the charges.

A Special 1990 issue NACLA Report on the Americas (Washington, D.C.: North American Congress on Latin America) on Salvadorean politics has been ordered by the IRBDC and is expected to arrive by mail before the end of January 1991. A copy of the pertinent sections will be immediately forwarded to you. Additional information on the requested subjects is being sought and will be forwarded to you if available before the hearing date indicated in your request.