Information on the process by which a Kenyan student studying abroad renews his/her passport [KEN10893]

According to a spokesperson of the High Commission of Kenya in Ottawa, the passport of a student studying abroad must be renewed at the nearest Consulate or High Commission of Kenya (4 June 1992). A Kenyan passport is issued for ten years but must be renewed after five years (Ibid.). In order to renew a passport, a person must turn in his/her old passport and fill out a passport renewal form accompanied by two passport-sized photographs, photocopies of his/her immigration documents, a self-addressed envelope and $20.00 for a 32-page passport and $35.00 for a 64-page passport to cover processing costs (Ibid.). A passport for a student studying abroad is usually renewed within one week (Ibid.). The old passport will be updated and mailed to the applicant (Ibid.). The renewal of a passport is processed at a Consulate or High Commission of Kenya located abroad; only in cases pertaining to the obtention of a new passport (after ten years since its issuing have elapsed) will the applicant's old passport and relevant documents be sent to Nairobi (Ibid.). Additional and/or corroborating information on the above subject could not be found among the sources currently available to the IRBDC in Ottawa.


High Commission for Kenya, Ottawa. 4 June 1992. Telephone Interview with Representative.