Details on privatisation program, including names of public companies being sold and problems between employees and employers of those companies. [ARG8873]

Please find attached a number of recent articles which provide details on the privatisation program of the Menem government, including names of companies, difficulties and criticisms faced by the program. These documents state that public companies of a wide range of fields including military, transport and energy, are undergoing or have undergone privatisation. Some of the attachments report cases of corruption within public companies slated for privatisation, such as the state phone and airline companies (Associated Press 24 Jan. 1991) and the Greater Buenos Aires power company "Segba" (Latin American Weekly Report 17 May 1990, 10) and . Also reported is the eavesdropping of presidential advisors, possibly by intelligence services in complicity with private interests, in a case related to the privatisation of the state telephone company "Entel" (Ibid. 21 June 1990, 11 and Buenos Aires Herald 7 June 1990, 11).
Various sources have reported protests and strikes by employees of the state railway company, apparently related to the proposed privatisation of the company. Various reports also indicate the government passed a decree curtailing the right to strike among workers of essential public services.
More information on the railroad service strikes, corruption and other related issues can be found among the Argentina news summaries available at your Regional Documentation Centre. Those news items include an article mentioning that while the proceeds of most public companies would go to the government, the money generated by the sale of military industries will go to the Armed Forces (The Economist 14 June 1991). This article also mentions a possible reduction of military service, from one year to six months, and the recent doubling of the number of conscripts, information which is pertinent to one of your information requests.

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