Treatment of Palestinians in Haifa or in Israeli non-occupied territory. [ISR4741]

Information regarding the treatment of Palestinians in Haifa or in non-occupied Israeli territory is rather scarce since most of the literature available in the Documentation Centre deals with the situation in the Occupied Territories and the Gaza Strip, and recently, on the Intifada. However, attached you will find a photocopy of the section on Palestine taken from the Les droits de l'homme dans le monde arabe [Association de défense des droits de l'homme et des libertés démocratiques dans le monde arabe, Les droits de l'homme dans le monde arabe, Rapport annuel, (Paris: L'Harmattan, 1987), pp. 118-132.] in which there is some information about the requested topic. The geographic area in question is referred to as the "territoires de 1948" (1948 territories). This source mentions the destruction of 2,500 homes belonging to Palestinians located in the 1948 territories in October 1986. Noteworthy are the seven laws which were enacted after the 1948 war to legalize the pillage of Palestinian land. [Ibid., pp. 120-122.]

Another source shows a map with population percentages of Palestinians in Israel (1948 territories): [World Directory of Minorities, (London: Longman, 1989), p. 210.]

Northern district..............50%

Haifa district.................19%

Tel Aviv district.............. 1%

Central district............... 8%

Jerusalem district.............26%

Southern district..............11%

This source goes on to mention the differences in water allocation to Jews as opposed to Palestinians, the loss of industries by Palestinians in the Haifa, Jaffa and Acre areas, the difficulty of finding work, the lower standard of living and lower wages for Palestinians, and the lack of basic infrastructure such as sewage systems for Palestinian towns. [Ibid., pp. 212-213.]