A political magazine called Quehacer Político, founded by Miguel Canton Zetina; its links to the PRI party; whether the magazine has been subject to political or other threats; and response of the authorities to such threats [MEX31999.E]

A listing of Mexican publications states that Quehacer Político is a weekly magazine of national circulation, founded on 23 August 1982 by Miguel Canton Zetina, a renowned journalist from Tabasco (MexicoWeb Guide 1996). A magazine listing published by the Press Bureau of the Presidency of Mexico and a listing published by the media-monitoring Fundación Buendia provide the same information on the magazine:
Quehacer Político
Director: Miguel Cantón Zetina
Executive Director: Engelbert Alberto Esquerra Aragón
Address: Doctor Andrade 437, Col. Buenos Aires
México, D. F.
Ph.: 538-7062, Fax: 538-7065

Miguel Cantón Zetina is named as the owner and director general of the Acuario editorial group (Organización Editorial Acuario), publisher of the daily Tabasco Hoy since 1987, of which Mr. Cantón Zetina is also director (Tabasco Hoy 1999).

A review of incidents against the press in Mexico during the first two years of the Zedillo administration reports the following incidents in 1996 (Fundacion Buendía/Revista Mexicana de Comunicación 25 Jan. 1999):

In January 1996, agents of the municipal government of Acapulco, in Guerrero State, bought from magazine kiosks the copies of Quehacer Político in which it was alleged that the mayor had illicitly enriched himself.

In September of the same year, the Attorney General's Office (PGR) in the state of Guerrero linked 15 journalists with the EPR terrorist group; among them, Angel Blanco Morales of Quehacer Político.

In November 1996 the president of TV Azteca sued several journalists for libel and slander, including Jorge Cantón Zetina, Gabriel del Río, Juan Sánchez Mendoza, Humberto Huerta Mireles, David Casco Sosa and Adriana Salazar Juárez, of the magazine Quehacer Político. At least some of the lawsuits were launched in relation to reports of alleged deals involving the broadcaster and his links to Raúl Salinas de Gortari.

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