Information on the process for becoming a teacher in the 1970s, and on whether applicants/teachers were required to go to Colombo on a regular basis [LKA14495]

According to a representative of the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Ottawa, persons who wish to become teachers are required to apply to the Ministry of Education (12 July 1993). Depending on whether or not applicants possess high school diplomas or university degrees (such as teacher certificates), the ministry determines the level at which they are allowed to teach (Ibid.). This process was also in effect in the 1970s (Ibid.).
The representative maintains that although the federal government is in charge of education, the provinces also have jurisdiction over education. Although uncertain about the extent of provincial jurisdiction over education, the representative states that provinces might determine the number of teachers they require and they might also have the power to appoint teachers.
The representative adds that teachers stay wherever they are allowed to teach, and are not required to attend educational meetings in Colombo on a regular basis; it is more likely that school principals attend such meetings in Colombo.
Additional and/or corroborating information on the above subject is currently unavailable to the DIRB.

High Commission of Sri Lanka, Ottawa. 12 July 1993. Telephone Interview with Representative.