Jundollah leader Rigi to be executed in June - report

Iran Focus

Tehran, Jun. 14 - The leader of the Sunni dissident group Jundollah, who was arrested earlier this year, will be executed by 21 June, the state-run Jahan News website reported on Sunday.
Quoting an "informed source", it said that Abdolmalek Rigi's dossier had been completed, which contains information on his domestic and foreign contacts.

"It is not yet clear where he will be hanged", Jahan news said.

Despite Tehran's hyped-up claims that the Jundollah leader had been arrested after a sophisticated intelligence operation, observers say that he was handed over to Iran by Pakistani intelligence services.

Rigi's brother, Abdolhamid was hanged last month after undergoing several months of interrogation and torture while in captivity.