Information on the group called "Union de familias de pobladores tugurios" (in English, the Family Union of Habitants of Shantytowns) (UFPT) [SLV12067]

The group under the above-mentioned name or a similar name could not be found among the sources currently available to the DIRB.

A researcher with El Rescate, Los Angeles, stated in a telephone interview with the DIRB on 17 December 1992 that the above-mentioned group could be a part of a union of victims of earthquakes whose activities are directed towards improving housing conditions for people living in shantytowns.

Please find attached an excerpt on popular organizing in the 1980s from El Salvador: A Country Guide that may be of some interest.


El Rescate, Los Angeles. 17 December 1992. Telephone Interview with Researcher.


Barry, Tom. 1990. El Salvador: A Country Guide. Albuquerque: The Inter-Hemispheric Education Resource Center. pp. 90-94.