Treatment of ethnic Armenians in Bulgaria [BGR3055]

Very little information is currently available in the published and publicly-available sources regularly consulted by the IRBDC. The Minority Rights Group publication entitled The Armenians states that the situation of Armenians in Bulgaria is favourable and that there are only 25 000 of them. A Radio Free Europe Research Situation Report, dated 22 May 1989, states that the Armenian, Jewish, and Greek minorities are recognized and tolerated by the Bulgarian authorities, unlike the Turkish and other Moslem minorities. Also, Caratini's La Force Des Fiables, states that Armenians can be taught in their language in special government-run schools and are free to practice their religions as long as they remain "loyaux citoyens communistes de la République populaire de Bulgarie". For further information please refer to the attached excerpts from these three documents. No further corroborating information is currently available to the IRBDC.
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