1)Information on the Zwiazek Socjalistyczney Mlodziezy Polskiej (ZSMP); 2)Update of recent events in Poland [POL1417]

1) The Europa YearBook 1988 lists the ZSMP as a youth organization that is affiliated with the Communist Party (In Poland, the Polish United Workers' Party or Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza). It had 1.5 million members in December 1985 and was founded in 1976.

2) For an update of recent political events in Poland, please see the attached newspaper and periodical clippings from the IRBDC's Poland files. The Department of External Affairs reports that the situation with regard to the treatment of dissidents is evolving so rapidly that precise information is not available. The department states that there is a definite trend towards liberalization and every indication that more and more organizations which had been previously banned are no longer proscribed.