Documentation on the current treatment of the Russian minority in Estonia; in particular, reports of discrimination in employment or entrepreneurial activity, beatings, and police protection [EST10994]

Reports and/or documentation specific to the current treatment of the Russian minority in Estonia are not currently available to the IRBDC.

However, for your information, please note the following.
An article in Soviet Press Digest from 2 March 1992 states that according to the draft Estonian Constitution and the legal acts already endorsed, the "aliens" [those not eligible for Estonian nationality] do not have the right to elect candidates..., set up political parties, buy land, and enjoy the 50-percent discount offered by Estonian Airlines company. Their employment rights are also significantly restricted.
Further, an article from Moscow News indicates that the city of Narva, in the northeastern part of Estonia, whose population is largely Russian, is facing an economic crisis (22 Apr. 1992). Unemployment in April 1992 was expected to affect ten percent of the population and a greater percentage by summer (Ibid.).


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