Meaning of the term "Hidid" [SOM10313]

An academic of the University of Pennsylvania explained that the term Hidid refers to the bond or alliance between clans, sub-clans or groups achieved through a marriage (14 Feb. 1992). The source explained that the term may be used in different contexts and may have different implications in the various regions of Somalia, although in principle it does not entail a relation of subordination but rather a sense of equality (Ibid.).

According to a former Somali official, the term Hidid means root or roots in English and designates the people to whom one is related through marriage (14 Feb. 1992). The term is used as a rough extended equivalent of in-laws (including the immediate and extended family of the spouse) and usually entails that the person will respect the members of the spouse's extended family, clan or sub-clan (Ibid.).


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