Information on Alex Aigbe and whether he is still wanted by the government of Nigeria in connection with the abortive coup d'etat attempt of 22 April 1990 [NGA12740]

According to the Newswatch of 13 August 1990, Alex Aigbe is a civilian who, together with the Great Ogburu, is wanted by the Nigerian authorities for his involvement in the 22 April 1990 coup d'etat attempt (12). An article published in West Africa of 29 March 1992, stated that 11 people who were detained "as possible accomplices following suspected involvement of their relatives or friends in the abortive coup of April 22, 1990," were released. Edward Aigbe and Beckey Aigbe were among those released although the article does not indicate whether these two are related to Alex Aigbe. Other than information contained in Response to the Information Request NGA11424, the DIRB in Ottawa has no further information on Alex Aigbe. For additional information on the release of the detainees, please refer to the attached documents.


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