General information on Fighting Solidarity in Poland;current status of the organization; activities in Sczeczin [POL3317]

Please find attached a series of excerpts from articles in Radio Free Europe Research which outline the policies of Fighting Solidarity. According to Roman Stefanowski, Section Chief at the Polish Department of Radio Free Europe, located in Munich, political groups previously functioning unofficially or even clandestinely are now pursuing their activities openly, without any interference from the state or the police. [Letter from Roman Stefanowski, Section Chief RFE Polish Section to Sharon Rusu, Chief of Research, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada Documentation Centre; 13 November 1989.] The IRBDC contacted Peter Staniszkis, the President of the Ottawa Branch of the Canadian Polish Congress, who stated that Fighting Solidarity is not banned but is also not legally recognized. At the present time, this may impede or make difficult the organization's access to print shops, and other difficulties in their functioning which could result in charges of discrimination. The information provided by Mr. Stefanowski and Mr. Staniszkis cannot be corroborated in published sources by the IRBDC at the present time. (Note that the new government of Poland is reviewing the present statutes of the country and will most likely carry out a reform of the legislation governing the establishment of political parties. Consequently, the status of unofficial groups remains uncertain.)

The excerpt taken from Radio Free Europe's An Annotated Survey of Independent Movements in Eastern Europe, dated 13 June 1989, mentions that a regional branch of Fighting Solidarity is located in Szczecin. No further information is currently available, in the published and publicly-available sources regularly consulted by the IRBDC, regarding the group's activities in that city.