Information on SNM policies pertaining to non-Isaaq clans in northern Somalia. [SOM9931]

According to information received from the London office of the Secretariat for Foreign Relations of the Somali National Movement, the current government includes six non-Isaaq members: two Gadabursi, two Dulbahante, one Issa, and one Warsangali. In addition, a Somaliland legislative assembly has been formed in which 30 percent of the members are non-Isaaqs, according to the SNM (Somali National Movement, 10 December 1991).

At least three reports in June 1991 contradict the SNM statistics on government ministers in that they do not account for an Issa minister (Africa Confidential, 14 June 1991; Le Monde, 8 June 1991; Délégué aux Réfugiés, July 1991, 23). Most reports on the legislative assembly, also referred to as the "constituent committee," actually indicate that the proportion of non-Isaaqs is about 55 percent (Jeune Afrique, 18 June 1991; Indian Ocean Newsletter, 25 May 1991).

The London office of the SNM states, "The question of a policy by Isaaq towards other clans never arose and does not exist. All are in the same [Legislative] Assembly and have the same right (Somali National Movement, 10 December 1991). Nevertheless, in the early part of 1991, there were reports of fighting between the SNM and armed Gadabursi and Issa in northwestern Somalia, near the borders with Djibouti and Ethiopia (New African, May 1991; Africa Events, March 1991; The Indian Ocean Newsletter, 23 February 1991). On 5 February, according to the radio network of the SNM, the movement "launched a full-scale war on Boorama" against remnants of the Somali Armed Forces and followed up the next day with "mopping-up" operations throughout the region of Awdal. Boorama was "heavily shelled" in the attack and by the end of the month, 30,000 refugees, the majority of them Gadabursi, had fled to Ethiopia. The Gadabursi have been "traditionally at odds with the Isaak [as written]" clan. (Africa Research Bulletin, 1-28 Feb. 1991; FBIS-AFR-91-025, 6 Feb. 1991a; FBIS-AFR-91-025, 6 Feb. 1991b)

According to a March report of The Indian Ocean Newsletter, representatives of the Gadabursi-dominated Somali Democratic Association stated that four Gadabursi had been executed in Berbera. The report provides no further details as to the circumstances of their execution (The Indian Ocean Newsletter, 9 March 1991).


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