Information on a political group called Bucaramista [ECU12323]

Information on a group officially named Bucaramista could not be found among the sources currently available to the DIRB. The term Bucaramista, which, used as an adjective, could be translated as "pro-Bucaram," may apply to at least two political groups of Ecuador that contested the May 1992 general elections: the Frente Roldosista Ecuatoriano (FRE), led by Abdala Bucaram, and the Partido Assad Bucaram (PAB), chaired by Avicena Bucaram.

Please find attached copies of some documents, including recent articles that report on the May 1992 election results, on Abdala Bucaram's particular views about different issues and on conflicts within the PAB. The conflict-ridden PAB reportedly won no seats in Congress nor a significant portion of the votes for the presidency, while Abdala Bucaram's FRE placed third in the presidential vote and secured 13 congressional seats.

The attached section of Ecuador: A Country Study provides background information on Ecuador's political parties and their main figures, while the attached section of the Political Handbook of the World: 1991 adds to the information on the FRE already available at your regional Documentation Centre.

Additional information on the above-mentioned or other specific political parties of Ecuador can be researched upon further request.


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