Whether passports are issued in Fujian with the photograph of the passport holder printed directly onto the identification page of the passport; if so, when these passports were first issued [CHN42638.E]

According to 11 June 2004 correspondence received from a representative of the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, passports with printed, scanned photos are referred to as "G-series" passports. According to the representative, the G-series passport has been in effect from 1 June 2000 and was introduced through the country in stages (11 June 2004). The representative was unsure of the exact date when Fujian might have started issuing the new passports, however the representative suggested that it was during 2000 (11 June 2004).

Information to corroborate this source could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate.

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Representative, Canadian Embassy, Beijing. 11 June 2004. Correspondence.

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The Embassy of the People's Republic of China, Ottawa, was unable to respond to a request for information within the time constraints of this Response.

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