Copies of Americas Watch documents on mass graves found in Peru, mid-1980's reports of mass grave finding in October 1987 [PER1076]

Please find attached the following Americas Watch documents:

-Human Rights in Peru after President Garcia's First Year, September 1986, pp. 5-11.

-A Certain Passivity: Failing to Curb Human Rights in Peru, December 1987, pp. 14-18.

-Tolerating Abuses: Violations of Human Rights in Peru, October 1988, pp. 48-51.
The sources presently available at the IRBDC do not indicate the finding or report of a mass grave taking place between September and November 1987. The monthly bulletin of the Andean Commission of Jurists (Andean Newsletter, December 1987, p. 6) contains a report on the location of individuals considered to have "disappeared"; some were found dead while others were found in military custody, some still showing marks which indicated they were tortured while in detention. The report also covered the investigative work carried out by a team of attorneys in Ayacucho between July and November of 1987. Aside from the individual disappearances, the only group of bodies reportedly found during this period was that of five peasants allegedly shot by soldiers who used them as guides in early September of that year.