Whether Ugo, Edo state, is an oil-producing region; if so, when oil was discovered; the current situation in the area, particularly with regard to oil-related clashes between youths and government forces (1997-1999) [NGA33971.E]

The town of Ugo is located in the southeast corner of Edo State, about 40-50 kilometres east-southeast of Benin City, the state capital (The Times Atlas of the World 1990, pl. 90). One media report indicates that Ugo is located in Orhionnwon (Orhionwon, Orhionmwon) Local Government Area (LGA) (The Post Express 11 Aug. 1997), which has its administrative headquarters in Abudu (Government of Edo State 8 Dec. 1999). Edo state, and in particular Orhionnwon LGA, is an oil-producing region (ibid.; ibid. 19 Dec. 1999; NTA TV 22 Dec. 1999).