Results of federal elections in 1987 or 1988 in district of Chiquimulas, particularly successful candidates of the Christian Democrat and National Liberation Movement parties. [GTM7787]

Reports of electoral results of the last decade currently available to the IRBDC do not provide specific information on the district of Chiquimulas. However, as indicated in the Response to Information Request 7788, one source states that the Congressional Deputy for Chiquimulas during the last government (1986-1990) was Obdulio Chinchilla Vega of the Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario, PR).

Various sources indicate that federal elections for President, Vice-President and Congressional Deputies took place in Guatemala in late-1985 and late-1990. Municipal elections, however, took place on 24 April 1988. Results of the 1985 federal elections (percentage of votes by party for Presidential Candidates and number of Congressional seats won by each party) can be found among sources available at your Regional Documentation Centre, such as the Europa Year Book of recent years. Please find attached to this response an article giving the preliminary results of the 271 municipal elections which took place on 24 April 1988 ("DC stays ahead in local elections", Central America Report, 29 April 1988, pp. 124-125). According to this attachment, the Christian Democrat party won 140 municipal seats, while the National Liberation Movement (MLN) won 12. The source indicates, however, that the National Liberation Movement won 32 other municipal seats running as part of a coalition of seven parties.