Treatment of Christian Democratic Party (PDC) in Guatemala, and treatment of families of suspected guerrillas. [GTM1327]

The Americas Watch Report on Guatemala from November of 1988, CLOSING THE SPACE Human Rights in Guatemala May 1987 - October 1988, discusses several cases of Christian Democratic Party members being killed or "disappearing". This report deals mainly with the 1986-88 period. For insights into the political situation and the treatment of family members of suspected guerrillas sections from the 1987 Amnesty International report GUATEMALA THE HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD, and the 1984 anthology, GUATEMALA Tyranny on Trial, are attached. The disappearance and murder of Christian Democratic Mayors in the Péten region could be attributed to either the army or guerrilla forces as this region has been the area in which conflict has been most concentrated during the past four years. The Americas Watch Report also outlines three cases of returned exiles and there difficulties in Guatemala.