1) Prison conditions for political prisoners; 2) Sanctions for second attempt at leaving the country illegally; 3) Sanctions for leaving the country without a visa; 4) Information on Revolution Defence Committees;5) Information on requirement of permission to travel within the country [CUB4050]

For information on prison conditions for political prisoners in Cuba, restrictions on foreign travel and Revolution Defence Committees, please find attached a copy of the following:
-Human Rights in Cuba, (Washington, D.C.: Americas Watch, 1989), pp. 41-51, 59-63, 79-88;
-Jorge Valls, Twenty Years & Forty Days, (Washington, D.C.: Americas Watch, 1986), pp. 81-84;
-The Violation of Human Rights in Cuba: An Experimental Perspective, (Miami: Center for Human Rights, 1989), pp. 7-8.

Information on restrictions on travel within the country could not be found among the sources currently available to the IRBDC which are not available at your regional documentation centre. The Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, (Washington: U.S. Department of State, various years) as well as the Amnesty International reports also available at the Montreal Documentation Centre, provide additional information on the above requested subjects.