Information on a blue card issued for employment [GRC12613]

An official at the Embassy of Greece in Ottawa indicated in a telephone interview on 14 December 1992 that Greece issues work permits to foreigners but that he was unaware of the colour of the permits. Greek nationals do not require work permits. The official also provided the following information.

In order to receive a work permit, a foreigner must first find employment. The potential employer then applies to Greek authorities for a work permit for the foreigner. The employer must explain why a foreigner should be hired for the position instead of a Greek national. If authorities agree, a work permit is issued for the specific job and for a specific period of time. The foreigner is also issued a residence permit, generally for the same period of time as the work permit. The work permit may be renewed by the employer. If the work permit is renewed, the residence permit can also be renewed.

Additional and/or corroborating information is not currently available to the DIRB.


Embassy of Greece. 14 December 1992. Telephone Interview with Official.