1)Asylum in Hungary given to ethnic Hungarians from Romania;2)Evidence of deportation, removal, expulsion, etc. by Hungary of ethnic Hungarians from Romania;3)Possible refoulement to Romania of ethnic Hungarians seeking asylum in Hungary [HUN1465]

l) The attached press and periodical clippings provide an overview of the asylum granted by Hungary to ethnic Hungarians who come from neighbouring Romania.

2) A document produced by the Helsinki Watch organization in February 1989 claims that there are reports of Romanian refugees being sent back to Romania, particularly if they are ethnic Romanians. [Helsinki Watch, Destroying Ethnic Identity, (New York: U.S. Helsinki Watch Committee, 1989), p. 6.] The article quotes the Hungarian Democratic Forum (an opposition group) in its statement to the effect that a refugee camp was needed close to the Romanian border because of the "forceful repatriation" of some of the refugees. [Ibid] It appears that these repatriations may have been the result of arbitrary decisions by border guards and the lack of a uniform policy for them to follow. On the other hand, an article in The Toronto Star, dated 17 February 1988, claims that Hungarian border guards have assisted ethnic Hungarians from Romania who are without proper travel permits to gain access to Western Europe. [Jonathan Manthorpe, "Hungary, Romania in row over refugees", The Toronto Star, 17 February 1988, p. A3.] No other information could be found in the IRBDC clipping files to corroborate the Helsinki Watch charges regarding the possible forced repatriation of Romanian refugees by the Hungarians.

3) See question 2 above.

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