Information on whether a Jewish immigrant from the former USSR can be exempt from the military service if he can prove he is a practising Christian [ISR12116]

According to a representative of the Embassy of Israel in Ottawa, there is no general rule regarding the treatment of Jewish immigrants from the former USSR who wish to be exempted from military service on the grounds they are practising Christians (3 Nov. 1992). The State of Israel will consider each application for recognition as a practising Christian on an individual basis.

In addition, please find attached Response to Information Request ISR11076 which provides related information in its attachments and which corroborate the exemption of practising Christians from military service.

No further information on this topic is currently available to the DIRB in Ottawa.


Embassy of Israel. 3 November 1992. Telephone Interview with a Representative.


Documentation, Information and Research Branch. 15 June 1992. Response to Information Request ISR11076.