Treatment of union leaders and information on a hunger strike in La Paz on 25 November 1984. [BOL4709]

Please refer to a previous information request on relations between unions and the government in Bolivia (BOL4707) as well as one on the situation of the Bolivian Mineworkers' Union (FSTMB), (BOL4708).

An on-line information search for November 1984 did not provide any reference to a hunger strike in La Paz on 25 November. According to a 30 October 1984 report from Inter Press Service, however, thousands of farmworkers were reportedly in the second day of a hunger strike in Cochabamba. In addition, on 30 October, The New York Times reported that, Bolivian President Hernan Siles Zuazo had ended a five day hunger strike. ["President of Bolivia Ends Hunger Strike," The New York Times, 30 October 1984, p. A5; Bolivia: Farmworkers on Hunger Strike to Demand Right to Grow Coca," Inter Press Service, 30 October 1984.]