Information on who controlled the check point at Thandikulam, north of Vavuniya [LKA14648]

Discussing the areas of geographical and institutional influence in Sri Lanka of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelan (LTTE) Documentation Réfugiés noted that the organization is established in Jafna Peninsula particularly in Point Pedro, Velvettihrai, Avhuveli and the northern districts of Mannar, Vavuniya, Killinochchi, Mullaitivu, Trincomalee and Batticaloa (19-28 Aug. 1992, 9).

The source also mentions the town of Vavuniya as an LTTE area of influence. Documentation Réfugiés describes it as the beginning of "Tamil country." North of Vavuniya the LTTE has set up a frontier post where visas are demanded (Ibid.). The LTTE proclaimed its government over the above-named northern and northeastern areas in July 1991, and, with the exception of some pockets of government-controlled areas, all of northern Sri Lanka is an independent entity administered by the LTTE (Ibid., 10).

Additional and/or corroborative information on the requested subject could not be found among the sources currently available to the DIRB in Ottawa.


Documentation-Réfugiés [Paris]. 19-28 August 1992. No. 193. "Sri Lanka : listes des mouvements."


Documentation-Réfugiés [Paris]. 19-28 August 1992. No. 193. "Sri Lanka : listes des mouvements," pp. 7-10.