Information on a party called Juventudes Socialistas, formed in Santiago after 1973, and whether it participated in the 16-party coalition for the 1988 Plebiscite - Chile [CHL5615]

As explained by telephone, specific references to a party named Juventudes Socialistas could not be found among the sources currently available to the IRBDC. The only available source referring to a Socialist Youth movement is Chile (Zürich: Schweizerische Zentralstelle für Flüchtlingshilfe, 1988), in the bottom of an unnumbered page (attached) of the first annex, under "Sozialistische Partei". This source mentions a Socialist Youth movement belonging to the Almeyda-faction Socialist Party.

"Juventudes" translates into "youth", a term often assigned to the juvenile organizations of political parties. However, no reference to such a branch of the Socialist Party under the requested name could be found among the currently available sources (the acronyms FJS and JPS mentioned in the attached sources could stand for Frente de Juventudes Socialistas or Juventudes del Partido Socialista, but it has not been possible to corroborate this).

Regarding participation of Juventudes Socialistas in the "Comando por el No" (Command for the No, the multi-party coalition which opposed President Pinochet's prolonged rule), please find attached a chart from Mission to Chile (New York: Freedom House, 1988). Again, there is no specific reference to a Juventudes Socialistas, but there is a reference to the Almeyda and others' factions of the Socialist Party.