Information on the stamping of "Ukraine" on USSR passports as per a 21 May 1992 article from BBC Summary of World Braodcasts [UKR11277]

The BBC reported on 21 May 1992 that until new passports for Ukraine are introduced, Ukraine will be "overprinting 'Ukraine' over the words USSR and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and affixing official stamps" in existing USSR passports. A subsequent article indicates that advertisements have been posted in Ukraine at entrances to residential buildings in Kiev advising that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has begun stamping Kievans' internal passports with "Citizen of Ukraine" (BBC Summary 4 June 1992). The article states further that those wishing to have their passports stamped should submit their personal documents to local housing committees (Ibid.).

A 26 June 1992 report in Rossiiskaya Gazeta indicates that Ukraine has begun stamping a trident and the words Ukrainian Citizen on the passports of residents of the Crimean peninsula (BBC Summary 1 July 1992; Soviet Press Digest 26 June 1992). The report does not specify whether this refers to internal or foreign travel passports. According to the report, representatives of the Crimean Republican Movement, a movement advocating the separation of Crimea from Ukraine, have stated that Crimean residents are being blackmailed into having their passports stamped. Please see the attached article for details. Another report carried by Soviet Press Digest states that "passport offices of the Crimea's local interior departments have been instructed from Kiev to collect the passports of the entire population to receive the stamp 'Citizen of Ukraine'" and further that persons who do not so are "liable to administrative responsibility" (8 July 1992).

Consular officials at the Embassies of Ukraine in Ottawa and Washington, D.C. provided the following information in telephone interviews on 5 August 1992 and 7 August 1992.

Ukraine is stamping the passports of residents of Ukraine. All holders of USSR passports who reside in Ukraine will have their passports stamped. Ukrainian nationals abroad can have their passports stamped anywhere where Ukrainian diplomatic representation is available.

The official at the Embassy of Ukraine in Ottawa also stated that holders of USSR passports may enter Ukraine with little difficulty (5 Aug. 1992). A person who enters on a USSR passport and claims to be a Ukrainian national may apply for nationality provided he meets the following conditions:

a) He/she did not leave Ukraine having abandoned either children, wife or elderly relatives;
b) he/she was not a criminal avoiding the justice system;
c) he/she had permission of Ukraine authorities to obtain a foreign residence permit.
If the individual meets these criteria, he/she may apply for nationality, and may seek employment, education and receive available health benefits.

There is no further information currently available to the IRBDC on this topic.


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