Information on Purbo Bangla Sharbohara Party [BGD10894]

The IRBDC has no currently available information on the Purbo Bangla Sharbohara Party. There is no such party among the 128 political parties in Bangladesh which are listed in Political Parties of the World (Day 1988), available in your Documentation Centre. The two parties which most closely resemble the Purbo Bangla Sharbohara Party are the Sarbahara (Kabir) Party, a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Maoist party allied with the Communist Party and the Revolutionary Communist League (Ibid., 53). The Sarbahara (Ziauddin) Party is another faction which is critical of Maoist precepts. It is allied with the Revolutionary Communist Party (Ibid.).


Day, Alan J. 1988. Political Parties of the World. 3rd ed. London: St. James Press.