Status of non-Israeli Jews residing in Israel [ISR2459]

Please find attached a copy of the Israeli "Law of Return", as published in Constitutions of the Countries of the World: Israel, (New York: Oceana Publications, Inc., December 1988), pp. 57-58. This law defines who is considered a Jew, and states that "every Jew has the right to come to this country [Israel]" (article 1). Article 2, however, defines cases in which an immigrant visa may be denied by the Minister of the Interior. This article makes no reference to nationalities, but does refer to specific cases which may represent health or security threats.

Also attached, please find a copy of the response to Information Request No. 2629 dated 16 october 1989. This response quotes a statement recently made by a representative of the Israeli Embassy, asserting that all Jews have the right to Israeli citizenship, although those applying for it may be required to prove they belong to the Jewish faith.

Regarding the controversy on the subject of who is to be considered a Jew, please find attached an article from The Toronto Star, 30 June 1988, titled "The Israeli definition of a Jew must prevail".