Media reports on protests by Cuban students and/or the Cuban Union [RUS11529]

Please see the attachments to Responses to Information Request CUB11508 of 21 August 1992 and CUB11209 of 10 July 1992 for information on this topic. Further media reports are not currently available to the IRBDC on this topic. However, a representative of the Cuban-American National Foundation in Miami indicated in a telephone interview on 20 August 1992 that Cuban students in Russia have demonstrated twice in front of the Cuban embassy in Moscow and once in front of KGB headquarters. According to the source, following these demonstrations, the students were immediately reprimanded and asked to leave Russian territory.

Additional and/or corroborating information on this topic is not currently available to the IRBDC.


Cuban-American National Foundation, Miami. 20 August 1992. Telephone Interview with Representative.