1) UNHCR involvement in Mieh Mieh refugee camp; 2) Whether camp comprised only of Palestinians; 3) Recruitment of Palestinians from this camp by Syrian forces in 1980-1983. 4) Present situation of Palestinians in Lebanon?5) Information on Mohammad T. Rabbani. [LBN3935]

1) 2) and 3)

The Mieh Mieh refugee camp is located near Sidon (Saida) in the south of Lebanon. Information for the period 1980-1983 is not currently available to the IRBDC, however attached you will find articles touching on the subject beginning in 1984-1985, in which it is stated that Mieh Mieh was a Palestinian camp and the target of attacks by Israeli troops and by the Lebanese Shi'a Amal militia in an effort to completely disarm the Palestinians and end their hold on power (U.S. Committee for Refugees, World Refugee Survey: 1985 in Review, pp. 64-65.). The attached articles indicate UNRWA involvement in Mieh Mieh, and UNHCR involvement in southern Lebanon in general as indicated in the chart on p. 32 of Refugees (October 1984).

Neither an on-line search nor the sources presently available to the IRB could give us a profile of Mohammad Rabbani.