Information on whether Bulgarians require permission from city council or the police to move within the country and whether this is applied universally [BGR11247]

According to a Consul at the Embassy of Bulgaria in Ottawa, Bulgarian nationals and foreigners in Bulgaria must register with the Ministry of the Interior, although they are allowed to move freely throughout the country (5 Aug. 1992). There were additional restrictions before 1990 but these restrictions no longer exist (Ibid.).

Further information related to freedom of movement in Bulgaria in 1992 is not currently available to the IRBDC. However, please note the following information.

The U.S. Department of State's Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 1991 notes that freedom of movement in Bulgaria is guaranteed in the Constitution and "is not limited in practice, except in rare cases determined to affect national security" (1992, 1068). This document, available at Regional Documentation Centres, also indicates that the only reported instances in 1991 of restrictions on freedom of movement were in relation to "the withholding of international passports of several members of the Macedonian rights group Ilinden" (Ibid.).

For information related to this topic from 1990 and 1991, please consult the attached Response to Information Request BGR8309 of 3 April 1991.


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